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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.

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If you want to reach Jeannine Walston about potential speaking engagements, please email her at ContactJeannine has spoken for non-profits, fundraising events, health and wellness groups, pharma and biotech companies, Holistic Primary Care, Health Datapalooza, and more. Please feel free to learn more at Hire Jeannine to Speak.

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“Jeannine Walston is a brain tumor survivor since 1998 who has used her experiences to determine her purpose and focus here on earth. Three awake brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, cutting edge therapies including immunotherapy, and integrative cancer care have given Jeannine insight and understanding making it possible for her to help other cancer patients in her work as a cancer coach and as a speaker. She has the special gift to be able to hold the attention of one person or a ballroom full of people as she describes her journey and all she has learned along the way. Jeannine believes that a patient must be his or her own advocate. She knows about integrative cancer care for the individual and completely understands what it is like to hear the words: “you have cancer.” As a cancer coach Jeannine can assist and encourage patients as they navigate their way to optimal health and healing. Jeannine’s goals are pure and true. She has been there herself, she knows what it is like to face these challenges and her calming spirit and strong determination to support others are just some of the reasons she is still here. There is still so much she plans to do.”

-Mike Kanfer, Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor.