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Influencing Brain Health: The Incredible Mosaic for Vitality

By Jeannine Walston  |   Jan - 17 - 2018  |  

Over the last 19 years, as a brain tumor survivor who has experienced cancer treatments, short and long term effects, late effects, medications, aging, hormone imbalances, toxins, and other challenges, I’ve learned that the brain is a fascinating mosaic of complexity with nuances creating highs and lows in life’s journey. What I’ve also learned is that there are fundamental ways to influence the brain in order to improve vitality, wellness, and quality of life in the process.

When we learn how to support brain health—or engage others to help us help ourselves—we experience a renewed sense of vibrancy.

Use the Essential Basics

The basics can be defined through core approaches. Essential sleep, healthy foods, regular exercise, and the creation of low stress levels are critical for a strong foundation of brain health.

Transform Your Mind-Body Connection

The brain is strongly impacted by the fact that the mind and body are one. The mind and body connection has the positive potential to consistently feed and foster internal constructs. There is great power in this connection, since emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions, behavior, and ego shape biological functions. Strategies supporting the mind-body connection include the essential basics, positive thinking, meditation, movement, intuition, meaning and purpose, relationships with one’s self and others, and the ‘environment’ within.

Support Your Internal Terrain and Milieu

The terrain, or milieu, refers to the internal environment influencing health. Your body has powerful mechanisms—including epigenetics—to transform your genes. So commanding, it can support or destroy cancer cells, as well as alter your entire internal terrain. Factors which positively invigorate the internal terrain and milieu involve healthy foods, beverages, and water, high-quality sleep, consistent exercise, significant stress reduction, vibrant mind-body connection, spiritual vitality, social support, a cleaner environment, and various forms of healing that support happiness.

Explore Your Gut-Brain Connection

Research shows that the gut and brain are connected to influence one another. The gut is even called the second brain. Problems in the gut-brain connection can impact digestion, emotions, moods, some cognitive functions, and other factors. Certain tests performed through qualified providers, such as those in the functional medicine field, can be helpful to identify causes, and then be utilized to introduce optimal solutions for the healing process and restoring health. Some strategies include digestive enzymes, probiotic supplements, and changes in food intake, as well as customized solutions from experienced providers.

Understand Your Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate neurological information throughout the brain and body from one cell to another. There are neurotransmitters that play different roles, such as Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Gaba, Acetylcholine, Glutamate, and Endorphins. It’s useful to learn about neurotransmitters, and specific strategies to deliver support focused on the mind-body connection and whole person.

Know about Your Psychoneuroimmunology

Psychoneuroimmunology refers to the interactions between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems, including the relationship between behavior and health. Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, hormones, chronic inflammation, the gut-brain connection, diet, and other factors can create challenges shown from studies on psychoneuroimmunology. Understanding the relationship—these interactions—allows each individual to obtain unique insights and inspiration in the direction of helpful strategies.

Incorporate the Whole Person with Brain, Body, and Being

There are many constructs to learn about, and consciously connect with, regarding aspects of the whole person. Keep these at the forefront as you explore brain wellness and brain healing:

  • The brain at the top of the physical body, all cells and energy in the body, as well as the internal and external being illuminate many dimensions of an individual.
  • Profound brain-body-being connections can be strengthened and incorporated into vital strength.
  • As each person becomes more aware and awake from the “I” to the “We” and “self” to “Self”, additional synergy becomes more integrated and transforms ‘hole’ to ‘Whole’. In this process, more connections occur with embodiment of the soul.
  • Even striving to learn more about the brain-body-being demonstrates a positive move to supporting your whole person.

Yes, the whole person is an intricate mosaic; so many relationships and connections within each person, including those affected by a brain tumor and other types of cancer. We each have the opportunity to experience positive, powerful transformation through supporting brain health, and, in the process, to accept the invitation to thrive.