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My UCLA Cancer Story Video Speech about Innovative Brain Tumor Treatments

By Jeannine Walston  |   Feb - 3 - 2015  |  

2014 Visionary AwardsMy journey through a brain tumor continues to take me into new places for more purpose in service. Last year, I attended the Visionary Ball to raise money for UCLA’s Neurosurgery department. At the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, over 800 people were present giving significant donations to support further UCLA neurosurgery innovation. Along with four awards given to highly accomplished individuals in their chosen field, three survivors shared their cancer story.


2014 Visionary AwardsI delivered my speech to the audience with strong messages about my brain tumor journey since 1998 and featuring my experiences at UCLA with my neurosurgeon Dr. Liau, the Functional MRI, immunotherapy with dendritic cell vaccines, and other specifics from a top-notch hospital. The entire room gave me a standing ovation. Dozens of people came up to me conveying awe and appreciation for my speech, including Kelsey Grammar and Joan Dangerfield. The event was wild and wonderful. Many thanks to UCLA for their ongoing pioneering work toward quality of life and survival toward cures.

You can watch my speech here and feel free to share it with others.

2014 Visionary Awards