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New Cancer, Health, and Healing Articles that I’ve Authored

By Jeannine Walston  |   Nov - 3 - 2015  |  

The last five months have been busy with authoring articles on many important topics related to Newest for Blogcancer, people affected by cancer, and integrative cancer care for the whole person. Feel free to explore some of my recent articles with information, insights, and even inspiration.

Inflammation: Causes, Effects and Solutions
LivingHealthy, October 15, 2015
Learn about inflammation’s causes and effects—including temporary and chronic inflammation—to develop insights into powerful strategies for optimal health and healing.

My Experience with Integrative Cancer Care
Cancer Support Community, October 15, 2015
Explore information about some integrative cancer care strategies.

24 Tips to Create Comfort During Cancer
CURE Today, September 23, 2015
No doubt, dealing with cancer can be overwhelming. Learn 24 tips to find levels of comfort during cancer and while support healing in the process.

New Results About Cancer-Related Financial Problems
CURE Today, July 15, 2015
New findings and reports show that cancer patients face major financial problems with negative consequences, including bankruptcy and increased risk of death. Fortunately, some money and quality cancer care comes from many sources.

9 Tips to Live Life More Fully from a Cancer Survivor
LivingHealthy, July 1, 2015
Personal experiences, knowing thousands of people with health challenges into improvements, and scientific study results are featured in nine tips to live life more fully for people with or without cancer.

Beyond War on Cancer to Better Answers
CURE Today, June 9, 2015
Cancer patients need more than any necessary conventional cancer treatments. Solutions come from integrative cancer care for the whole person. Learn about why, how to achieve optimal health and healing, and some top-notch resources.

Is Twitter a Reliable Source for Cancer Information from Physicians?
CURE Today, June 1, 2015
Data from a new report that shows compelling information on physicians who use Twitter, types of cancer, and ways to assess integrity.

Feel free to share some of these articles with others, and let me know what you think!

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