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Why Me? into Purpose, Focused Self-Care, and Human Connection

By Jeannine Walston  |   Nov - 16 - 2015  |  

Overall, I do not ask why me. However, it can happen sometimes when the unexpected emerges, or when I’m asking questions with the goal to bring forth new answers.Cancer Diagnosis Ages 2015 from SEER

Based on the fact that the median age of a cancer diagnosis is 65 years old, I am reminded that my life has been very different, and even unusual with 3 awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials.

How can it make sense?
Why me?

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 24 as I was transforming into adulthood. Only 2.7 percent of people age 20-34 hear the words they have cancer, and this new world changed my perceptions. During my journey, many questions evolved into a healing quest. Over time, I became clear about my purpose. I’ve cultivated my commitment to provide definitive, reliable education and advocacy about integrative cancer care for the whole person to improve quality of life, cancer survival, cancer prevention, and whole person health care.

As I feel profound gratitude, upon occasion I also know that life is not always easy from the cancer, treatments, short-term effects, long-term late effects, and other dynamics. Furthermore, I am aware of cancer systems that are supposed to deliver consistent high-quality support and care. Yet, I know it does not always occur. I have certainly been knocked to the ground. Then, in addressing any undesired situations—for myself, and for others—it’s paramount to get up and move forward.

I must emphasize that kindness is abundantly powerful to one’s self, as well as giving and receiving with other people. Along with focused self-care and self-love, the “I” and the “we” helps heal the wounds through human connection.