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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.

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Influencing Brain Health: The Incredible Mosaic for Vitality

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jan - 17 - 2018  |  

Learn how to support brain health to experience a renewed sense of vitality and wellness in the brain, body, and being.

How to Connect the Dots with Anticancer Approaches

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Nov - 29 - 2017  |  

In order to connect the dots with an anticancer approach, patients, caregivers, and providers need to become more educated about integrative cancer care. We must take action to incorporate an integrative cancer care plan for each person. Ultimately, an extensive model—and not some just scratching the surface—should be used by the majority of doctors, other providers, hospitals, and clinics.

Brain Cancer Updates: Long-Term GBM Survivors

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Aug - 10 - 2017  |  

In adults, a GBM treated with standard of care has the median survival around 14.6 months, and two-year survival at 30%. Learn about long-term GBM survivors, living much longer beyond the statistics.

10 Wow Factors about Brain Tumor Awareness Month from a 19 Year Survivor

By Jeannine Walston   |  
May - 2 - 2017  |  

Unfortunately, people who have brain tumors often experience complexities. Each type of a brain tumor can impact many factors influencing quality of life, survival, and prevention. Learn from 10 Wow Factors about Brain Tumor Awareness Month from a 19 Year Survivor that highlight information about the disease. My goal is for people to understand these brain tumor facts, with knowledge and aspiration to make a difference. That includes insights and inspiration to fund research. As certain people already know, time is of the essence.

On March 18, 2017, I became a 19-year brain tumor survivor. Upon reflection from age 24 to 43, I feel compelled to share this story I wrote years ago, and never published until now. The story conveys some of my experiences as a young adult with a brain tumor, my first awake brain surgery, and how I entered a new world. Although many changes have occurred since then—in my personal transformation, the brain surgical approach, and process—the journey may offer some insights for people enduring challenging situations. This story also provides details into my calling.

The 3 Year Anniversary of my 3rd Brain Surgery & Brain Cancer Vaccine

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Nov - 18 - 2016  |  

As I know how the unexpected can happen anytime, milestones can provide a sense of remarkable achievements. On November 18, 2013, my third awake brain surgery was performed by Linda Liau, MD, PhD at UCLA, and today marks my three-year anniversary. And I’m still here, alive, and thriving.

Vital Decision-Making Strategies for Cancer Patients

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Oct - 19 - 2016  |  

With almost two decades of involvement in the cancer arena, both personally and professionally, I know that sound decision-making is key to quality of life and survivorship. Explore 6 areas that are vital to finding the best quality of care and treatments in the cancer journey.

4 Major Factors Everyone Should Know about Integrative Cancer Care

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jul - 27 - 2016  |  

With extensive personal experiences over 18 years as a cancer survivor, I understand that integrative cancer care is transforming. People with cancer, practitioners, providers, and other players in the U.S. are continuing to wake-up about integrative treatments and strategies—addressing disease, supporting health, and invigorating wellness. In the process, some individuals do not understand essential dynamics of the whole person and key benefits. Here are 4 major factors everyone should know about integrative cancer care.

My 10 Recent Articles You May Have Missed

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Apr - 12 - 2016  |  

Motivation is required in a path to heal. Clear information, clear explanations, and clear maps bring forth improvements and transformation. Explore some of my recent articles, including topics about my brain tumor story, integrative cancer care, specific aspects of the whole person, strategies, compelling interviews, treatment, research, and quality care.

5 Reasons I’m Still Here & Celebrating My 18th Year as a Brain Tumor Survivor

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Mar - 18 - 2016  |  

In the tides of life—and personal transformation through the unexpected with my brain tumor diagnosis March 18, 1998, at age 24—today I’m officially an 18 year brain tumor survivor. Alive and thriving in the present I continue to strive to reach my optimal potential. In connection with each of you, I want to share 5 important reasons why I’m still here.

How to Improve Brain Health for Cancer Patients

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Mar - 2 - 2016  |  

Through my brain tumor journey benefits occurred for me—as well as other cancer patients—by skillfully addressing challenges from treatment, side effects, and overwhelm. Learn about important strategies to improve brain health for cancer patients.

6 Tips to Optimize Consultations with Oncologists

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 3 - 2016  |  

Explore these important tips to reduce some undesired emotions, become more clear, and create significant improvements in your journey through 6 tips to optimize communication with oncologists.