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Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure Ambassador

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Nov - 9 - 2015  |  

For many years since the beginning of getting a brain tumor diagnosis until now, I have done volunteer work for various non-profits and hospitals. Recently, I had the privilege to be invited as an Ambassador to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2).

New Cancer, Health, and Healing Articles that I’ve Authored

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Nov - 3 - 2015  |  

The last five months have been busy with authoring articles on many important topics related to cancer, people affected by cancer, and integrative cancer care for the whole person. Feel free to explore some of my recent articles with information, insights, and even inspiration.

Tenacious Bravery Award from UCLA Brain Tumor Program at Golden Portal Awards

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jun - 18 - 2015  |  

People dealing with cancer go through an intense journey. For many, tenacity and bravery are required toward striving to find the best solutions possible.

Last Sunday June 14, 2015, I received a Tenacity Bravery Award from the UCLA Brain Tumor Program at Golden Portal Awards in Beverly Hills.

Five Lively Experiences in the last Five Weeks

By Jeannine Walston   |  
May - 19 - 2015  |  

The last five weeks include five wonderful experiences related to cancer, health, and healing. That includes the American Association for Cancer Research conference, the 17-year anniversary from my first awake brain surgery, my photo and story in the new book New Beginnings, UCLA’s Taste for a Cure event, and Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center presentation.

Brain Tumor Diagnosis 17-year Anniversary with photo exhibit – Brain, Body, Being

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Mar - 18 - 2015  |  

Today March 18, 2015 is my 17-year anniversary from a brain tumor diagnosis. Transformative thoughts about the experience and many years since then bring me to profound gratitude for being alive. This photo exhibit Brain, Body, Being offers some photos from my journey with conventional brain tumor treatments and whole person health and healing.

Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies Story Wall to share mine

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Mar - 10 - 2015  |  

On March 30, March 31, and April 1 from PBS stations , Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies is a three-part, six-hour major television event based on the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD. Visit their Story Wall including cancer survivors and read my published story called Brain Tumor Survivor Since 1998.

Focusing on my Purpose to Serve

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 9 - 2015  |  

So many people ask me about my work regarding cancer, health, and healing. Through my journey since diagnosed with a brain tumor almost 17 years ago, I quickly started on a quest. This has brought me into my purpose to serve.

My UCLA Cancer Story Video Speech about Innovative Brain Tumor Treatments

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 3 - 2015  |  

Last year I attended the Visionary Ball for UCLA’s Neurosurgery department at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with over 800 people. I delivered my speech to the audience with strong messages about my brain tumor journey since 1998 and featuring my experiences at UCLA with my neurosurgeon Dr. Liau, the Functional MRI, immunotherapy with dendritic cell vaccines, and other specifics from a top-notch hospital.

Getting to Know a Cancer Coach and Optimal Healing Focus – Watch this Video

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Nov - 13 - 2014  |  

Watch this important video about why I became a Cancer Coach, snapshots into the healing journey, and ways to navigate through cancer, including some of what I deliver as a Cancer Coach and integrative cancer care for the whole person.

Cancer Education and Advocacy

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Oct - 8 - 2014  |  

Over my 16 plus years in the cancer and wellness world, I’ve learned about self-care, self-advocacy, and other forms of advocacy. Learn more about these dynamic approaches, including paths for personal transformation and further ways to make a difference.

Healing thru my Brain Tumor Journey: Progress Forward

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jun - 23 - 2014  |  

Since my last update, four months include major improvements for my health and healing. Radiation combined with oral chemotherapy of Temodar has been completed. Reports then showed positive outcomes through my MRI. Now one month later, I’ve been receiving dendritic cell vaccines for immunotherapy in a clinical trial.

Healing Journey Continues: Next Cancer Treatments with Radiation and Chemotherapy

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 11 - 2014  |  

Sometimes I can feel confusion about who I really am. I’ve perceived this for many years through pain and glory. Types of experiences with highs and lows bring forth further realizations and inquiries to my true self. My goal has always been to accomplish freedom. Cancer has brought me through invitations and even gateways in my path to freedom. That has been my choice. I cannot stay chained in my pain. Challenges must be opportunities.