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5 Healing Tips on my 15-Year Cancer Survivorship from a Brain Tumor Diagnosis

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Mar - 19 - 2013  |  

The shock of my life March 19, 1998 transformed me profoundly over the last 15 years. Today I celebrate my 15-year cancer survivorship from a brain tumor diagnosis. With tremendous gratitude, I give you these 5 healing tips!

New Breast Cancer Research Study Results

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 27 - 2013  |  

New breast cancer research study results are published daily and shared through PubMed plus other websites. I try to track some new breast cancer research study results and will share only a few here.

Integrative Cancer Care is the Answer

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Feb - 5 - 2013  |  

Grant yourself the crown. Learn the truth through available cancer research findings. The confusion and chaos now diminish. Integrative cancer care is the answer.

Integrative Medicine for Cancer Patients Today and Everyday

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jan - 23 - 2013  |  

The best resources about integrative medicine and integrative cancer care for cancer patients.

Welcome World!

By Jeannine Walston   |  
Jan - 14 - 2013  |  

I am so excited to welcome you to my new website! JeannineWalston.com has been born to share information and inspiration about whole person health and healing with my services further advancing my purpose in this lifetime.