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Cancer Side Effects Treated with ICC

By Jeannine Walston

Cancer Side Effects Treatment with ICCCancer and its treatments may create side effects. A side effect is a harmful and/or undesired result. Through the proper interventions, cancer side effects can be decreased, corrected, and sometimes avoided altogether. Many integrative cancer care strategies achieve these important goals toward a better quality of life. In some situations, cancer survival might also improve.

Of note, adverse effect is a more accurate label instead of side effect. The term side effect suggests a secondary reaction when the effect is central to the disease and therapies that cause them.

This section provides quality cancer information about integrative cancer treatments for cancer side effects developed from research studies and input from reliable integrative cancer providers. Terrific resources for more information on these topics include the books Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients: A practical resource for managing the side effects of cancer therapy by Elena J. Ladas, MS, RD and Kara M. Kelly, MD and Life Over Cancer by Keith I. Block, MD.



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