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Integrative Cancer Medicine Systems

By Jeannine Walston

Specific integrative cancer medicine systems with their health care diagnostics and therapeutic modalities offer a range of approaches for treatment and supportive care in cancer patients. These integrative cancer medicine systems view human health through varied perspectives and worldviews. These forms of integrative cancer medicine address parts, functions, networks, and other aspects of the whole person with understanding and care for the individual as one whole integrated system. This section provides information about these integrative cancer medicine systems and some specific approaches to cancer.

Anthroposophical Medicine and Cancer
Learn about this holistic, human-centered approach to medicine integrating body, mind, and spirit components in cancer care.

Ayurveda and Cancer
Explore information about the oldest medical system in the world also addressing body, mind, and spirit to prevent illness and support wellness in cancer patients.

Functional Medicine and Cancer
Dive into fascinating information about the functional medicine model and its whole body perspectives on cancer development and cancer growth. 

Herbal Medicine and Cancer
Discover how herbal medicine is used in conventional oncology and integrative oncology, along with specific herbs, herbal treatments, and herbal strategies to support cancer patients.

Homeopathy and Cancer
Learn about innovative strategies using homeopathy as an anticancer therapy for cancer prevention and cancer treatment to impact quality of life and provide other health benefits.

Naturopathy and Cancer

Explore information about naturopathic oncology used in cancer care and cancer treatments.

Osteopathy and Cancer
Find important information about osteopathy to address disease challenges, support wellness through health promotion, and prevention.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer Patients
Learn about the Chinese Medicine’s perspective on cancer, the health benefits of Chinese Medicine to cancer patients, and how this comprehensive cancer care model complements conventional cancer treatments.