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Whole Body Cancer Care and Cancer Prevention

By Jeannine Walston

Research studies indicate that specific health strategies strengthen the body against cancer and support wellness. In many ways, whole body care impacts systems and networks in your physical body, with key roles in defining your health. Specific whole person interventions improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention. For cancer patients, whole body care is necessary in an integrative cancer care plan, team, and self-care strategies. For people who are focused on cancer prevention, the information provides knowledge and how to reduce cancer risk. Explore Whole Body Cancer Care and Cancer Prevention with steps to achieve your optimal health and healing.

Inflammation and Cancer
Turn down the heat and extinguish the fire. Inflammation is associated with cancer. Empower yourself with this must know information to reduce cancer risk, improve quality of life, and in some cases cancer survival.

Overweight, Obesity and Cancer

Obesity is a major cancer risk factor. This huge epidemic in the United States and evident in other parts of the world can be controlled. Losing weight supports health and longevity.

Immune System and Cancer
Supporting health and healing through cancer is essential in an integrative cancer care program.

Stress and Cancer
Do you feel stress? Learn about the relationship between stress and cancer with empowering information about how to reduce and regulate stress.

Circadian Rhythms and Cancer
Research indicates that disruption of the circadian rhythms is linked to fatigue, cancer metabolism, response to cancer treatments, and tumor growth. Read this important information.

Sleep and Cancer
What is the quality of your sleep? Empower yourself with an understanding about the relationship between sleep and cancer. Learn how to support optimal rhythms.

Alcohol and Cancer
The evidence clearly shows that drinking alcohol without certain specifics, including low if any amounts, supports an earlier death. Understand the specifics to protect yourself and others.

Detoxification and Cancer
Are you toxic? Toxicity clogs the body and contributes to cancer. Educate yourself about toxicity and how to detoxify.

Exercise for Cancer
Physical exercise supports the body against and in the midst of cancer for some people. Read about benefits and precautions for cancer patients.

Smoking and Cancer

Tobacco is a major cancer risk factor. Learn about this critical choice from consumptions to some profits and costs for too many.