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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.

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Center for Integrative Cancer Resources

By Jeannine Walston

Dictionary Series - Health: cancerKnowledge is power. Reliable resources are empowering. People dealing with cancer need the best cancer information through quality, comprehensive cancer resources. Clear information, clear explanations, and clear maps educate and empower, inform and inspire. Explore this Center for Integrative Cancer Resources helps guide cancer patients, caregivers, and even providers supporting people affected by cancer.

If you need either basic or advanced knowledge and understanding of cancer research and cancer treatments in order to evaluate options, this information section will help you.

When entering the cancer universe for the first time and throughout the journey, there’s much to learn. Some questions about cancer research to find cancer treatments can feel overwhelming, yet answers demystify some of the uncertainty. Important questions answered here include where you can find the best cancer research studies to evaluate your cancer type, cancer treatments, overall health condition, and an integrative cancer care plan.

Although everyone’s situation is unique, I’ve also walked the path and aspire to give you the most reliable cancer information I have found and continue to discover. Take at least a few minutes to explore cancer information here. I provide all types of support for cancer patients. As you explore our cancer resources and cancer information, know that I’m with you.

Optimal choices in the navigation through cancer help support optimal health and healing. Explore Center for Integrative Cancer Resources. Find knowledge and guidance in your journey.

Cancer Diagnosis Navigation
Explore this must-read cancer care plan resource to help you find your way when dealing with cancer.

Healing Focus® Integrative Cancer Survival Guide
With more specific information when dealing with cancer, you will feel grounded, supported, educated, empowered, confident, and inspired. Plus, you will increase your quality of life and cancer survival.

Cancer Coach
Provides one-on-one support to coach and guide cancer patients to optimal health and healing. My support for cancer patients is really helpful. Learn more in Cancer Coach, as well as more details in Testimonials.

Top Rated Cancer Information
Educate and empower yourself with integrative cancer care information. You will find the best cancer information to help you find the best possible care. You deserve it.

Questions for Evaluating Cancer Treatments and Providers 
The right questions are essential. You will find lots of questions in key categories to empower you in your treatment and provider evaluation process.

Locating Cancer Research Studies on PubMed and other Resources
Learning about high quality research for your cancer diagnosis and potential cancer treatments will educate you about your situation and options. The goal is to find the best possible care. Read tips to help you find relevant research with free online tools such as PubMed.

Integrative Cancer Health and Healing Books
What are the best cancer books about components of integrative cancer care? Read my list.

Intuition and Instinct
Are you seeking guidance and support through your intuition and instinct? Explore ways to find your center and direction inside of yourself. You will find clarity to develop more confidence in your decision-making and journey.

Cancer Clinical Trials
There is a long road from laboratory research to the patient’s bedside. Cancer patients are critical in that process. Learning about clinical trials is important to help you evaluate potential treatment options, evidence-based medicine, and cancer news reports.

Cancer Financial Assistance
Learn about resources and funders that either give cancer financial assistance or refer cancer patients to other sources that give money for cancer treatments and other components of the cancer journey.

How to Assess Cancer News Reports
How do you know what is true in news about cancer? Reports about medical breakthroughs offer varying degrees of accuracy. Learn key questions to help you evaluate cancer news reports.

Evidence-Based Medicine
Have you heard the term evidence-based medicine and trying to understand it more? Learn empowering information about scientific evidence to help you evaluate research and treatments.

Understanding Cancer Statistics
Statistics never predict the fate of a single individual. Read a clear and compelling explanation about the true nature of statistics.

Cancer Survivorship Follow-Up Care
For some, the perception of survivorship begins from the moment of the cancer diagnosis. Read about ways to define your cancer survivorship and essential resources for your follow-up cancer care.