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Healing Environment

By Jeannine Walston

Healing Environment 3An environment for healing features each person’s optimal vitality and potential, and in the process creates strategies that stimulate and support the inherent healing capacities. What does this mean for you? Cancer patients can cultivate an environment for healing within themselves and through how they connect with other people. Healing environments can also be created at home, work, and other physical settings. Health centers are increasingly incorporating elements of healing environments into patient care.

The healing—and the specifics of the optimal healing environment in which it occurs both internally and externally—is as individual as the individual. Your ideal healing environment may include the following components. Learning about these dynamics may help you identify ways to create a healing environment, as well as other integrative cancer care for the whole person information that resonates with you.

Kindness, presence, touch, aromatherapy, sounds, and sights may give a cancer patient and their loved one comfort as they move through cancer. Since everyone reacts uniquely to cancer and life experiences, variability exists between what works for one person versus another. Healing environments can stimulate and support beauty, calm, the experience of love, joy, a healthy shift in focus, transformation of the thinking mind to a feeling body, movement of physical tension to a more relaxed state, reminders of past experiences, centering and grounding, and much more. Explore other strategies to create an inner healing environment in How to Calm Yourself.

What nurtures you? What brings you calm? What environment supports your health and healing internally and externally? Consider these important questions and take steps toward cultivating the healing environment that meets what you need. This information may help you reflect on and identify additional ways to create your optimal healing environment. Also recognize that aspects of your healing environment will evolve over time.

Samueli Institute created Optimal Healing Environments addressing both the inner and outer healing environment through ways toward experiencing personal wholeness, cultivating healing relationships, practicing healthy lifestyles, applying collaborative medicine, creating healing organizations, and building healing spaces. Jeannine Walston’s integrative cancer care whole person health care model addresses many of these areas through her work as a Cancer Coach. Explore, evolve, and energize your healing environment.