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How to Calm Yourself

By Jeannine Walston

What brings you calm? Using supportive techniques to help you find calm reduces stress and shifts your body into a deeper healing state. When people become calmer, they become clearer. A calm state of relaxation will bring you more clarity, support your decision-making, improve your self-care, and greater strength in your own capacity to deal with cancer and life in general.

Getting out of your head is essential in creating calm. The chatter of the mind increases stress and disequilibrium in body, mind, and spirit. People dealing with cancer, especially patients and caregivers, negotiate high levels of fear and the unknown. The existential crisis of cancer can bring people to a new edge. You will move through any discomfort you experience. Life is change. Trust your process.

You can bring yourself calm to support your ease in the midst of disease. Start with the intention of being in your body and finding your center. Take deep, rhythmic breaths, feel your feet connected to the ground, and relax your belly. Allow your body to surrender into stillness. Yet being still can feel challenging when your thoughts are racing, your emotions scattering, and your body jittery. You can get out of your head and into your body moving faster than you can think or feel. Movement can transform your stuck mental patterns, release your physical tension, and provide many other benefits. Body postures also exert strong influences on how you think and feel perhaps without your awareness.

As you connect more with your body, and to help ground yourself in your body, give yourself space to create more calm. How do you create space? Shift your focus. Allow your inspiration. Find the tools and lifestyle choices that help you find your calm. Massage, exercise, movement practices, aromatherapy, baths, music, movies, talking with people you love, acupuncture, time in nature, writing, art, play and laughter, creative expression, spiritual practices, nutrition, daydreaming, resting in silence and stillness, and engaging in any activities that you love are only some of the many ways to help you feel relaxed and restored.

The foods you eat are also essential to your mind-body balance. The reality is that if you eat junk food, you will feel like junk on some level. Healthy foods bring harmony instead of havoc.

Also learn about strategies in this section with powerful self-care tools to create calm. Practice them and reflect on how to incorporate these basic techniques into your daily life. These essential tools will increase your vitality and sense of peace with or without cancer.

Breathing Techniques
Breath helps you find your center while supporting your physical body’s functions. Learn more about how to use breathing as a calming, healing tool.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation creates inner balance and helps people find their center. How do you relax? Read more and give yourself this gift.

Meditation Techniques
The practice of meditation enriches the present moment. People become more relaxed and self-aware. Read about how meditation reduces stress and some forms of the practice.