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Spirituality Assessments

By Jeannine Walston

Spirituality assessments provide a series of questions for people to ask of themselves to reflect, identify, define important components of their life, and much more. The question and answer process supports the exploration of some deeper parts of self and existence, and may encourage people to better care for themselves, including their spiritual needs with, through, and beyond cancer.

Spiritual needs along with inquiry topics vary at the different stages of the cancer journey. You may wish to revisit these questions at times of transition and deeper introspection. Some of your answers may evolve depending upon the circumstances of your life. You can also add other questions and their answers that feel important to you.

With many levels of knowledge, these spirituality assessments were created through a review of spirituality assessment tools used in health care, including for cancer patients and cancer caregivers. You can use some or all of the questions as your spirituality assessments. You can write your answers, talk them through with another person, and/or use them in small group meetings focused on spiritual exploration. Wishing you meaning and purpose in your exploration and cancer journey.

Meaning, Purpose, and Joy

What activities and experiences in your daily life are joyful and provide deep fulfillment?

When are you most happy?

Are you feeling joy, deep fulfillment, and happiness now? Where does your sense of what to do come from?

What gives your life meaning?

What is your clearest sense of the meaning of your life at this time?

What is your purpose? Where does that sense of purpose come from?

How can you embody your meaning and purpose more?

Does your life reflect these beliefs and values?

What is your style of actions?

What are your greatest hopes and dreams?

What encourages your hopes and dreams?

How can you maintain a steadfast connection with your dreams and pursue them more fully?

What do you fear?

What encourages your fears?

What is the meaning in your suffering?

What activities or experiences in your life are not life-giving and feel life-draining?

Do you have enough of the meaningful experiences and a way to minimize or cope with the others? If not, how can you create more of the meaningful experiences?

What are you grateful for?

How do you define beauty? Where do you have beauty in your life? How can you create and experience more beauty?

What do you value most in life?

What do you value the most in your life?

Love, Belonging, and Connection

What people do you have meaningful connections with?

What people do you have deeply meaningful connections with?

What characteristics give those connections their meaning?

How do you engage those connections and relationships?

What are the ways in which you feel a sense of connection with the world?

What do you hold so closely that you do not tell anyone?

What do you want to give voice to?

What do you think people see as your predominant qualities?

What qualities in you are less visible that you would like to show more?

How and where do you give your love?

How and where do you receive love?

What are the greatest gifts you have given?

What are the greatest gifts you have received?

What sustains you during difficult times?

What comforts or encourages you the most?

What are the different ways in which you communicate, think, and make decisions more from your intellect or your heart?

How can you love more?

Life Review

What are your most significant accomplishments and successes?

What are you most proud of about yourself and life?

What have been your most formative life experiences?

What people have influenced you the most in your life and how have they impacted you?

What are your biggest regrets and disappointments?

Do you feel a need to incorporate acceptance and forgiveness in these areas? If so, how can you do that?

Where do you live your life fully?

Where do you not live your life fully?

Where do you hold back?

What can you do to come more fully into yourself and life?

What are your goals?

What will be your legacy?

Spiritual Engagement

How do you define your religion and/or spirituality?

What do you believe in spiritually that gives meaning to your life? How do you define that presence?

What importance does your belief and faith in your life? How do you define your belief and faith?

How do your religious and/or spiritual beliefs and faith influence the way you look at your disease and the way you think about your health? Do those beliefs and faith influence how you take care of yourself?

What are your spiritual values and how do you live them?

Are you part of a religious, spiritual, or other type of community? Is it a source of support, and if so, in what ways?

What people in your life do you talk with for reflections and guidance about religious and/or spiritual matters? How do you nurture those connections?

Who in your life truly sees who you are?

What is your daily practice of contemplation and connection through religion and/or spirituality?

How do you define and use prayer and meditation in your life?

What are some of your life experiences, if any, where you felt a strong religious and/or spiritual presence?

What is your relationship with silence and stillness?

Who are you? Are you more than your physical body?

What is your core essence?

How do you experience presence?

What is your center?