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Praise about Jeannine Walston

Kris Carr 300Jeannine Walston gets it because she has been there. She is an exceptional cancer coach, advocate and patient. Jeannine can translate a mountain of research and information to help you make educated and informed decisions. Quite simply, she is a blessing.

-Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness advocate


Robert AnsellJeannine Walston is a treasure. Having “been there and done that” with cancer, she is an extraordinary resource for those in need of research, support and compassion. She was a total blessing to my wife in her years with the disease — always available, always present, always relevant and always helpful.

-Robert Ansell, husband of Gabrielle Roth


Kelly Turner PhDAs someone who researches people who overcome cancer against all odds, I was thrilled to meet Jeannine and include her amazing healing story in my database of exceptional remissions.  Jeannine not only looked for all of the ways she could address her cancer – including alternative and unconventional strategies – but also now selflessly shares all of that hard work and knowledge with other cancer patients who are looking for solutions.  Her articles, coaching, and speaking are a gift to us all.

-Kelly Turner, PhD, New York Times best-selling author of Radical Remission, cancer researcher & speaker


Ted GaglianoThroughout her journey since 1998 with a brain tumor, Jeannine has shown incredible strength and courage that is inspiration to all.  She literally rises above any challenges and is a beacon of hope that shines brightly wherever she goes.  Jeannine always conducts herself with a level of dignity and timeless class that I have rarely seen in my lifetime.

I share her beliefs about strong, integrative actions to health and battling illness.  I believe this personalized and whole person approach and outlook is responsible for success.  I hope that Jeannine can share what she learned on her journey with others; there is simply so much to learn from and through her work — not only as a cancer coach, but also as a “life coach”.  Every time I see Jeannine, she teaches me what is important in life, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

-Ted Gagliano, President, Post Production: 20th Century Fox


Dwight McKee MDAs an integrative oncologist, I’ve learned that often the most powerful therapy for cancer patients is to work with, and be inspired by, other patients who have successfully trod the path of healing from cancer against the odds. Jeannine Walston began her path as a brain tumor patient in 1998, and evolved into an educator, networker, and patient advocate, who has helped thousands of cancer patients with her personal experiences and professional insights. Her extensive integrative cancer medicine knowledge continues to increase and tracks the cutting-edge. Jeannine’s passionate kindness also shines to others.

-Dwight McKee, MD


James Gordon MDJeannine Walston is a highly knowledgeable, thoughtful advocate for integrative cancer care, indeed for the most effective comprehensive and humane care for each person with cancer. She knows the territory deeply and well, personally as well as professionally.

-James S. Gordon, MD, founder and director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine


Jean Shinoda Bolen, MDJeannine’s spirit, courage, relatedness, and intelligence in seeking growing edge treatments and then sharing what she knows first-hand in service to others on the cancer path, especially with brain tumors—is a soul path. She is a role model for “can do!” which is infectious when people with a cancer meet her, are inspired, and realize that “if she can do this, I can, too!”

-Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author of Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey 


Mike Kanfer FINAL ENLGD headshot 2013Jeannine Walston is a brain tumor survivor since 1998 who has used her experiences to determine her purpose and focus here on earth. Three awake brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, cutting edge therapies including immunotherapy, and integrative cancer care have given Jeannine insight and understanding making it possible for her to help other cancer patients in her work as a cancer coach and as a speaker. She has the special gift to be able to hold the attention of one person or a ballroom full of people as she describes her journey and all she has learned along the way. Jeannine believes that a patient must be his or her own advocate. She knows about integrative cancer care for the individual and completely understands what it is like to hear the words: “you have cancer.” As a cancer coach Jeannine can assist and encourage patients as they navigate their way to optimal health and healing. Jeannine’s goals are pure and true. She has been there herself, she knows what it is like to face these challenges and her calming spirit and strong determination to support others are just some of the reasons she is still here. There is still so much she plans to do.

-Mike Kanfer, Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor


Ann FonfaI am the founder of Annie Appleseed Project. We host educational conferences annually – Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies to which we have invited Jeannine Walston as a speaker. Her presentation is so measured and strong, people respond from the heart to what they hear. She brings a wealth of experience along with her beautiful spirit which shines through all that she shares. We will invite her again.

-Ann Fonfa, Founder of Annie Appleseed Project and breast cancer survivor


Steve Cadwell newJeannine has contributed as a blogger, adviser and strategist to two organizations for which I worked, the American Holistic Medical Association and the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. Her passion and knowledge are unparalleled in integrative cancer care. Clearly, she has made the most of her own life experience and, thankfully, is and remains a gift and a valuable resource to others who face a similar journey.

-Steve Cadwell, former CEO of Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)


Bruce Cryer, MD smaller 2Jeannine is one of the most inspirational and courageous people I have ever met. To have gone through not one but three brain surgeries in her still young life would be almost unimaginable for most of us, yet Jeannine has navigated these scary, daunting, frightening waters with a divine grace and optimism. As a professional in the field of integrative cancer care, Jeannine can speak with a level of experience that is unmatched, can guide with a level of knowledge that is rare, and can support with a depth of compassion that is truly heart-warming and comforting. As a cancer survivor myself, and as someone who is privileged to call Jeannine a friend, I highly recommend Jeannine and her marvelous, life-changing work.

-Bruce Cryer, Co CEO at Wholelife.com; Renaissance Mentor; Adjunct Faculty – Stanford University; former CEO HeartMath


Jeannine is one of the true “professional survivors” I have met in my brain tumor journey. She has extensive experience in public policy with cancer research and treatment, and quickly learned that hope resides in passionate medical care and innovative strategies. Beyond her genuineness, I am most impressed at how well adjusted she was in pursuing treatment for herself while maintaining quality of life. She has vast knowledge of scientific treatments, nutrition and diet, integrative medicine and insight to the best care around the globe. As a glioblastoma survivor since 1987 myself, which is the deadliest of brain tumors, I’d jump to work with Jeannine as my cancer coach if and when needed. Her knowledge is surpassed only by the size of her heart. I can’t emphasize enough how difficult it is to navigate US Medical Centers, and yet Jeannine has done this so eloquently at major US centers and in foreign lands. She is the survivor advocate I’d want on my team during situations in my journey, and on my short list of heroes.

-Matthew “KOKO” Fullerton, glioblastoma brain tumor survivor since 1987


Last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and brain cancer on the same day. The news came as a shock of course, but it was caught early and I was able to find hope and inspiration again. What I didn’t know was how to navigate the multiple layers of information I needed to fully treat cancer (because treating cancer is so much bigger than just what Western medicine can offer). I needed to learn about how I could integrate all the things I needed to do for myself and I didn’t know where to start. That’s where Jeannine came in. I wanted information about environmental changes, the latest clinical research, mind-body therapies, and more. She researched all of my questions and came back with a wealth of knowledge to get me started–knowledge that would have taken me months to acquire. Jeannine is a coach and a helpful guide to light your path towards healing. Give her a call!

-Rebecca, breast cancer and brain cancer at 42 years old


Jeannine is incredibly caring and generous and has a lot of knowledge and relationships in the ‘cancer’ world. Her kindness and support have been extremely helpful to me, and I am grateful for all she has done.

-Lisa, breast cancer patient


My daughter has been dealing with brain cancer since 2008. We just began working with Jeannine as our cancer navigator, and our only regret is that we didn’t have her on our team sooner. She is the human equivalent of a lighthouse! My daughter and I are both medical professionals, yet we found
ourselves adrift in a sea of conflicting information, opposing opinions, and outright misinformation. Jeannine has been our beacon, guiding us through this storm and providing us with a much needed strategy and the resources to make informed choices in a manner in sync with and respectful of my daughter’s wishes. We are finally feeling empowered and hopeful. Jeannine’s personal experiences, compassion and wealth of knowledge are invaluable resources for those seeking guidance as they negotiate the twists and turns of their cancer journey.

-Lois, mom to a daughter with cancer


Getting diagnosed with cancer is truly a life changing event. Until it happens to you it’s very hard to even imagine what it is like. When it happened to me one thing I was grateful for was the fact that I happened to know Jeannine Walston. It is so easy to feel vulnerable and powerless. Thanks to Jeannine and her wealth of knowledge about all kinds of cancer and integrative strategies to deal with them, it was much easier for me to feel a sense of control in decisions I have made for my well being and healing. Jeannine’s guidance and her light spirit helped me through some very dark days and I aspire to handle all aspects of life the way she has.

-Gina, breast cancer survivor


My dad had a complicated case of lung cancer and was really sick for periods of time with physical pain. He didn’t want to converse with others. Jeannine’s communication was the only he could hear, take in, and understand. Jeannine has precious insights with support to cancer patients. She helped my dad so much. I highly recommend Jeannine as a Cancer Coach.

-Megan, daughter to a dad with lung cancer


Jeannine is thoughtful, a great listener, and full of wisdom and information. She gets it, because she lives it!

-Victoria, benign brain tumor


Jeannine is a deep listener, has wisdom, and a broad knowledge of lifestyle, wellness, and integrative approaches. She knows about healing emotionally and physically, as well as finding joy in life when dealing with challenges.



I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannine Walston in Washington when we were lobbying the White House and Congress to eradicate cancer by the year 2020. She is an extraordinary human being filled with a radiant light. Her experience with cancer as a journey toward health and healing is well documented here. This introspective work is perhaps the most comprehensive and life changing guidance I have ever seen to healing cancer. The world is beautiful with people like Jeannine who offer with eloquence a path toward lightness, toward true healing.



I have had several friends who were diagnosed with cancer and referred them to Jeannine for coaching. She helped them navigate the medical system. Most of all, Jeannine reduced their worry and fear, and gave them confidence that they would make the best choices for their treatment and care. Her gentle nature, depth of knowledge and personal experience were invaluable.



I can’t imagine the panic of hearing the word cancer come from my doctor’s mouth, but with all the friends who have experienced that moment and with a personal family history that points to my vulnerability, I’ve thought about it often. The conclusion I came to is this: after the initial shock and grieving, I will seek out Jeannine’s work. I can’t think of a more important resource and portal of information that balances the spectrum of choices that people have to make every day when battling cancer. Jeannine has gone beyond the inspiring story by creating a starting point and a road map to frightened people who hear those words and don’t know where to turn. Thank you.



When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer many years ago, our world changed. Trying to help evaluate treatment options, dealing with doctors, emotions, aftercare and support is an enormous ongoing process. There was nowhere to go to find all the kinds of information we sought (and didn’t yet know about), or to provide options and help us learn about this whole new world that our child had, without choice, just entered.

Jeannine’s research and experiences as a cancer patient, together with many years of studying, searching and gathering answers, has put her in a unique position and on a mission that I know can improve and transform the cancer experience for many patients, their families and support community. As a Cancer Coach, she has guided and empowered countless patients and their families.



I have known Jeannine since the 2nd grade. When she was first diagnosed with a brain tumor and then had surgery, we were all so scared of the outcome. She called me the NEXT DAY from the hospital. I was never so happy in my life. I had NO QUESTION that my dear friend was going to get through this. Ever since, she has made it her number one priority to research, educate herself, and most of all take that knowledge to help others. Jeannine has a true understanding of the body as a whole, and how mind and spirit play a major role in one’s health. I am certain that her proactive approach has kept her healthy and even guided her physicians through her successful treatments. She is kind and caring. Jeannine is a fighter. She will be there for anyone that needs her.