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By Jeannine Walston

thumb-socialDoes social support improve quality of life and cancer survival? Studies demonstrate positive social and emotional support helps to improve cancer patient outcomes. Some cancer facilities offer some of the support, yet even Institute of Medicine reports explain that those procedures frequently fail to address the psychological and psychosocial issues often associated with the illness.

Social support for those dealing with cancer is paramount. When cancer impacts a person’s life, new social situations emerge. People with cancer need support. Specific types of support are wide and varied depending on the individual. A loving hand, conversations together, healthy meal, playful excursion, running errands, massage, research about the diagnosis and treatments, and a companion at appointments are some possibilities. Identifying what you need and strategies to have your needs met, including asking for help, cultivates social support as you move through cancer. The experience of social support may involve family members, friends, professional colleagues, support services, spirituality, and more such as psychosocial, psychological, and psychospiritual support.

Cancer impacts the community and therefore a significant social issue. People dealing with cancer—patients, family members, friends—endure a range of social challenges and opportunities. Social issues that existed before cancer may also intensify during and after cancer.  When one person deals with cancer, everyone becomes touched by at least some aspects of the disease. The social support fabric needs to weave through people affected by cancer and hold them as they confront their diagnosis and move through their healing path.

Self-awareness about social issues, including understanding new thoughts and feelings, can feel difficult to define. Along with cultivating awareness about how you feel socially within yourself and to other people, communication is extremely important to help reduce the sense of isolation.

People cannot go through cancer alone. Either immediately or over time, relationships either become stronger or weaker. Support can be fleeting to enduring from a one-time form of supportive giving to family members and friends offering more frequent and even steadfast loving care. While social support does not always occur automatically, some support can be cultivated over time. Ultimately cancer helps to show more about who you are and who you are with.

Explore social articles and resources here for information about some common social issues people affected by cancer encounter with themselves, other people, and society as a whole. Understanding common relationship challenges and solutions offers helpful information to enhance self-awareness and meaningful connections. Learn about strategies to strengthen support when dealing with cancer. I hope this cancer information and resources support you as a component toward optimal health and healing.

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