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By Jeannine Walston

thumb-spiritEveryone is spiritual by nature. Many people understand that we are connected to something larger than ourselves and engage some form of contact with spirit. Healing is about wholeness. We are whole when our spirit is united with our body.

The spiritual healing dimensions of life can become more prominent when dealing with cancer for cancer patients and their loved ones. The cancer experience provides a vehicle for conversations toward new understanding about spirit, spiritual needs, and deeper spiritual embodiment. For some, cancer shatters reality and invites a deep dive into profound aspects of self and existence. For others, this process occurs more gradually during the cancer journey and other aspects of life.

Research indicates that spiritual well-being improves quality of life in cancer patients. The spiritual healing benefits in some studies include reduced stress, improved coping, strengthened will to live, finding meaning, and deepened understanding about life and death.

Through wholeness and spiritual embodiment, aspects of spirituality also further treat the entire physical body and whole person. Challenges offer new opportunities for personal evolution with spirit.

Spiritual healing is a fundamental component of integrative cancer care for the whole person.

What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Many definitions exist about spirituality and religion. The following comes from Lora Matz, MS, LICSW. Process it through and determine your perceptions about spirituality and religion.


Spirituality is about our core, our essence, our capacity to perceive ourselves in the context of a larger organized and unifying perspective that transcends our day-to-day experience and provides meaning and purpose to our essential human attitudes towards life’s events. Spirituality is what connects us and what we have in common. It is not a doctrine, metaphysical speculation, or deduction journey. Spirituality is a natural process of evolution, a birthright, a state of being, a lived experience, and lived conclusion. It is our expression of an essence that comes from and is the divine.


Religion is a set of beliefs, practices, and a language that characterizes a community searching for transcendent meaning in a particular way and on the basis of a particular belief in a deity. It is how we choose to feed, practice, and express our spiritual nature.

How do you define your spirituality? What is your relationship with spirit? What are your spiritual practices and spiritual support to fully strengthen your body-mind-spirit with spiritual healing? Engage introspection and self-inquiry in these areas. Explore important dimensions of your spirituality. Learn through spiritual perspectives, questions, strategies, and resources. Decide what makes sense for you and find your own truth.

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