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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.

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By Jeannine Walston

thumb-bodyThe physical body functions as one whole integrated system. All cells, organs, tissues, and other components of the body create a network that constitutes health. Cancer frequently results from an altered, unbalanced system. Too often, cancer treatments only focus on the diagnosis and a collection of symptoms. Integrative cancer care provides attention to and interventions for the cancer diagnosis, the entire physical body, and the whole person with comprehensive disease-fighting and wellness-promoting strategies.

This section addresses topics related to the physical disease—and those impacting the physical body—in people with cancer. What does this mean? Whole body cancer care affects more than the cancer diagnosis. Instead, it treats components of the body terrain—the internal environment influencing health, including cancer. The Body section contains a lot of information with health and anticancer strategies for you to consider incorporating into your life even with, through, and beyond cancer. Research indicates that these integrative therapies for the body, including lifestyle strategies, improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.

Please know that certain components of whole body cancer care vary based on integrative cancer treatment providers. As you explore the Body section, you’ll also learn that some healthy lifestyle approaches are body wellness self-care strategies for you to incorporate.

Topics in the Body section, and other components of integrative cancer care in the Mind, Spirit, Social, and Environmental sections, have influential relationships between one another. Health is comprised of interdependent relationships between the body, mind, and spirit, including social and environmental health, for each individual. All of your parts create your whole for optimal health and healing.

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