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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.

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Hire Jeannine to Speak

Jeannine Walston has delivered speeches across the United States, such as Washington, DC, New York, Florida, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Topics have included her brain tumor story, cancer in general, integrative cancer care for the whole person, cancer prevention, optimal health and healing, wellness, lifestyle, and many other topics. Along with titles and descriptions listed below, Jeannine customizes speeches based on audience needs. Jeannine has spoken for non-profits, fundraising events, health and wellness groups, pharma and biotech companies, Holistic Primary Care, Health Datapalooza, and more. Please contact Jeannine to send a request and ask her questions, and feel free to watch some videos with Jeannine here, including a speech to over 800 people.

Integrative Cancer Care Improves Quality of Life, Survival, and Cancer Prevention

The statistics are obvious. Integrative cancer care improves quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention. That includes approaches to address the whole person through the entire physical body, mind-body connection, spiritual vitality, social support, and a cleaner environment. This presentation shares Jeannine’s brain tumor story, and information on these topics, supporting optimal health and healing for people with or without cancer.

Health and Wellness Lifestyle Strategies Support Cancer Prevention

Without a doubt, studies demonstrate that cancer can often be prevented for some people. In order to support cancer prevention and reduce cancer risk, individuals need to learn about health and wellness lifestyle strategies. This speech conveys specific tips and tools to live a healthier and happier life. Audiences will be educated and motivated to major improvements. My personal brain tumor story can be included in the presentation if appropriate.

Awakening to Life Through a Brain Tumor

Diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 24 in 1998, Jeannine’s odyssey through diagnosis, first awake brain surgery, a recurrence, hundreds of integrative therapies, two more awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy dendritic cell vaccine, and tremendous healing along the way has been a journey of awakening. Jeannine’s story, including navigating the cancer care system, serving as her own advocate, addressing crossroads between life and death, and trusting herself in the process has been one of intense self-discovery and liberation. This presentation focuses on Jeannine’s story highlighting her major insights about awakening into life.

The Healing Whole Person Way

What is healing? Curing only addresses the disease. Healing requires a whole body and being approach. Healing involves transforming the whole person, including body, mind, spirit, social, and environmental health. This presentation focuses on whole person categories with concrete, empowering strategies for engaging healing in each area. Jeannine’s knowledge and insights about whole person health and healing are shared in this presentation.

Tending to More than a Tumor

This presentation designed for doctors, providers, and/or advocates focusing on ways in which the cancer care system can foster patient-centered care encompassing the whole person. Too often, people with cancer are reduced to their disease. A more appropriate approach should focus on patients as people, addressing improved relationships and individualized needs. Information will educate people in the audience how to enlighten quality cancer care using new strategies.

Key Strategies for Optimal Health and Wellness

In a process to see through bigger eyes and deeper hearts in embodied presence, this presentation features key ways to address body, mind, and spirit. Explanations of each topic, interactive questions for self-exploration, and specific strategies are provided. Jeannine shares related stories from her own journey if/when appropriate.

How to Discover Personal Wellbeing and a Unique Calling in Life

This presentation designed for any audience will inspire and empower listeners toward greater wellbeing and their unique calling in life. Jeannine explains wellbeing strategies related to certain aspects of the whole person. Additionally, she will share her story, explaining her health challenges as a catalyst to find herself, and in the process, connects with attendees. She will then feature tips and tools for how people can find their meaning and purpose.

Opportunities for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Cancer, any other illness, malady, or disorder can be viewed as an invitation. In a world turned upside down, people can relate to their challenges as a potential opportunity for constructive personal transformation. Contrasted with any post-traumatic stress disorder levels, instead post traumatic growth is possible with positive life changes. Extreme life challenges have the potential to transform not just individuals, but also societies. This presentation will demonstrate how challenges large and small can bring forth personal and planetary transformation.

Cancer as an Invitation for Spiritual Growth

Are we spirits in a physical body? For some, if not many, life is a spiritual journey. Our life experiences can be viewed as opportunities for our soul’s development. Perhaps there is no such thing as “bad luck.” Maybe nothing is personal. Then, everything is for spiritual growth and the soul’s evolution. The disease experience opens a window into the soul. Illness is an invitation to look deeply into self, cultivate new levels of knowledge, and understanding about being alive. This speech focuses on the relationship between spirituality and health with anecdotes from Jeannine’s journey and references to relevant research studies.