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Cancer patients & survivors can feel better and live longer using powerful strategies. As a 19 year brain tumor survivor, explore how I help as a Cancer Coach, consultant & speaker.


Learn about cancer-fighting and wellness-promoting strategies supporting the entire physical body.

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The mind and body are one. Explore mind body healing for patients, caregivers, and even people without cancer.

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Healing is about wholeness including the spirit. Find information about spirituality with support and strategies.

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Discover how to strengthen the healing path with social insights and support through cancer.

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Understand the link between cancer and the environment with ways to reduce cancer risk.

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Cancer Center Integrative Cancer Resources

Knowledge is power. Reliable resources are empowering. Explore clear information, explanations, and maps to inform and inspire cancer patients, cancer caregivers, and even health care providers. The Cancer Center Integrative Cancer Resources helps navigation through the cancer journey with the best cancer information to optimal integrative cancer treatments and other support.

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Integrative Cancer Care Articles

Why Integrative Whole Person Strategies?

Why focus on the whole person in cancer? Cancer is often ...

Why Integrative Cancer Care?

Many studies show lifestyle causes of cancer that can be ...

What is Integrative Cancer Care?

Approximately 38.5 percent of people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with ...

What about Conventional, Integrative, and Alternative Cancer Care?

To understand integrative cancer care (ICC), it helps to better ...


Everyone is spiritual by nature. Many people understand that we ...

Why Integrative Cancer Care?

Many studies show lifestyle causes of cancer that can be ...

Cancer Videos

Cancer Videos with Speeches, Presentations, and Interviews Cancer Coach and Optimal ...

Healing Focus® Integrative Cancer Survival Guide

  Healing Focus® Integrative Cancer Survival Guide provides a reliable and empowering map to ...

Cancer Diagnosis Navigation

I know that a diagnosis of cancer can feel extremely ...

Center for Integrative Cancer Resources

Knowledge is power. Reliable resources are empowering. People dealing with ...

Hire Jeannine as a Cancer Coach

Specialized Cancer Coach sessions with Jeannine focused on individualized, integrative cancer care for the whole person to feel better and live longer.

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Hire Jeannine to Write & Consult

Services provide many skills to non-profits, hospitals, clinics, doctors, providers, others businesses, cancer patients and caregivers.

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Cancer Strategies for Optimal Health and Healing

Jeannine Walston shares her cancer story and ways to optimally navigate through cancer toward optimal health and healing.

Latest Blog Posts

Influencing Brain Health: The Incredible Mosaic for Vitality

By: Jeannine Walston

Over the last 19 years, as a brain tumor survivor who has experienced cancer treatments, short and long term effects, late effects, medications, aging, hormone imbalances, ...

How to Connect the Dots with Anticancer Approaches

By: Jeannine Walston

Maybe you have cancer, know people with cancer, aware of cancer survivors, and/or have lost loved ones to the disease. Today, cancer touches everyone directly or ...

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Jeannine Walston gets it because she been there. She is an exceptional cancer coach, advocate and patient. Jeannine can translate a mountain of research and information to help you make educated and informed decisions. Quite simply, she is a blessing.
-Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness advocate

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